PhotoCredit (c) sischmi

Audiowalk As Time Flows By

Following the successful performance of Klangwandels Flux in Kavala and at Intersonanzen 2023, Sina Schmidt and Phillip Feneberg went one step further with their audio walk for the Cosmpolis Festival in Kavala, leaving not only the creation of the various voices to the artificial swarm intelligence, but also the research for the script. With the help of the Guidemate app, you can be led along the Mediterranean and pass historical buildings into a parallel dimension in which the Anthropocene seems to have been overcome.
- Artistic Research, Staging - 

PhotoCredit (c) Maik Meier, Sischmi

Eutopia Artist Residency Kavala, Greece

As part of the artist residency at Eutopia Studio Kavala, Sina Schmidt, Phillip Feneberg (composition) and Maik Meier (photos & technics) developed a sound promenade on the topic of time and water. On Saturday, 15 April, the German artist team gave a first insight into the development process of their new sound project: a mixture of field recordings, musical sound collages and text fragments from different eras could be heard, which built a new layer over the everyday scenes at the Limani of Kavala harbour.
- concept, voices - 

PhotoCredit (c) Deutscher Bühnenverein

Data Space Culture - Smart Theatre Services

In cooperation with the Deutscher Bühnenverein, the Academy for Theatre and Digitality Dortmund, the State Theatre Augsburg, the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT, the German Academy of Science and Engineering acatech and the University of Paderborn, standards for machine-readable theatre schedules are to be developed within the framework of the federal government's digital strategy in order to exchange information about the so-called data space culture in real time.
- Project coordination -

PhotoCredit (c) Auli Eberle

Concert Whispering - behind the scenes of Nikolaisaal Potsdam

What happens behind the scenes during an orchestra concert? Who works backstage to help create a successful event? In Concert Whispering (Konzertgeflüster), the audience takes a look backstage and witnesses the preparations and processes in the classical concert business. With the Nikolaisaal Potsdam's earphone audioguide, it is possible to hear not only live interviews but also the voices of staff members who normally carry out work invisible to the guests, but without whom it would be impossible to ensure a smooth process on stage.
Since the 2022/23 season in the programme of the Nikolaisaal Potsdam.
- Concept/Audio/Performance -

PhotoCredit (c) Studio Mikalo

Time for Dreams - scenic heartbreaker about kitsch

Having already melted audiences' hearts with "Island of Hope" and "The Power of Love" by virtue of its musical-theatrical remakes of "Dr. Norden's" penny books, the Potsdam theater collective FRITZAHOI presents the third part of its performative series of experimental works on the subject of kitsch at museum FLUXUS+ on February 10 and 11, 2023.
- Direction/Text/Production -

PhotoCredit (c) Juliane Pieper & Netzwerk Junge Ohren

I can handel this - 
Symposium Technologies for Cultural Education

The Netzwerk Junge Ohren e. V. organized in cooperation with the PwC Foundation on 7.11.2022 a symposium on the topic of technologies in cultural education in the Spreehalle Berlin. I had the pleasure to speak at the panel discussion moderated by Vivian Percovic with the wonderful Julius Brandt & Antonia Rehfuess from Eucrea e. V. Hamburg and Sebastian Riegelbauer from Sirius-Startup Berlin about the opportunities that digital tools offer for inclusion, participation and educational and cultural offerings in general.

Virtual Concert Hall Symphonic Space

As part of the project management for digitality at the Kammerakademie Potsdam, I realized together with the architect and 3D graphic designer Adam Chown from Zaha Hadid Architects this Mozilla.hubs space, which aesthetically unites the various concert venues in which the orchestra regularly plays. In the future, artistic experiments, exhibitions and 360-degree live streams will take place here, in which the audience is actively involved and can interact with 
each other.

PhotoCredit (c) Piemundi & Studio Mikalo

The Power of Love - 
Lecture Performance on the Subject of Kitsch

In the lecture performance "The Power of Love", the theater collective FRITZAHOI! takes on the genre of the doctor's novel on October 7/8/9, 2022 at the Rechenzentrum Potsdam and also opens the private clinic to the audience on the weekend, because "everywhere, love is the best medicine after all"!  In this new production, the Potsdam theater collective FRITZAHOI! examines the nostalgic longing for conventional role and family images that promise stability and security, especially in troubled times, but in fact were probably never as romantic as their portrayal.

PhotoCredit (c) Sischmi

Insel der Hoffnung - scenic reading at PACE-Festival

On 5.6.2022 we took 10 years of Uniater e. V. as an occasion to deal with one of the hardest genres ever: The doctor's novel. In six blocks, we worked our way through a great work of pulp novel literature, transforming the foyer of the Wachhaus Arena into a consulting room.

Künstlerresidenz Casa Tagumerche

PhotoCredit (c) sischmi

Artist residency at Casa Tagumerche

At the end of March 2022, Sina was invited to be a resident at Casa Tagumerche in Alojera, La Gomera, Spain for two weeks as part of an artist residency program by Res Artis. For 14 days here, she researched ancient legends about the magical island of San Borondón for a staged reading, recorded sounds and made photos, and experimented with augmented reality applications.

Konzertgeflüster digital

PhotoCredit (c) sischmi

A look behind the scenes of the Nikolaisaal Potsdam during ongoing concert performances via Zoom October 2021 to March 2022, produced by Nikolaisaal Potsdam.
- Concept, interviews, moderation, camera -
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Bielefeld - die Reparatur der Herrlichkeit

PhotoCredit (c) piemundi

Performance in Telegram messenger on the topic of conspiracy theories, October 2021, produced by the theater collective FRITZAHOI!
- Concept, text, direction, production -
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RZspektral - Enter Space

PhotoCredit (c) sischmi

Digital festival center for the online event KulturMachtPotsdam, March 2021, produced by Bürgerstiftung Potsdam.
- Concept, supervision, staging -

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¡Hola, temperatura!

PhotoCredit (c) sischmi

Scenic zoom reading about the journey of the FRITZAHOI! and Uniater ensemble to Cuba, November 2020, produced by Uniater e. V.
- Concept, text, direction, production -
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PhotoCredit (c) Sophie Roeder

Multimedia performance on the issue of self-representation and surveillance in digital space, festival "Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?" Potsdam and Olga Alonso Festival Fomento, Cuba, December 2019 to March 2020, produced by the theater collective FRITZAHOI!
- Concept, Text, Direction, Production, Performance, Vocals/Keys -
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PhotoCredit (c) Maik Meier

Documentary radio play with a spatial installation by Kathrin Ollroge, September to October 2020 Demmin and Rechenzentrum Potsdam, produced by Gedanken-Räume e. V.
- direction, dramaturgy, performance -
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Von Wegen - auf der Suche nach Fontanes Brandenburg

PhotoCredit (c) Fabienne Huth

Mobile music theater performance based on the "Wanderings through the Mark Brandenburg" in a vintage bus as well as at various locations in Barnim and the Oderbruch, August 2019, produced by the theater collective FRITZAHOI!
- Concept, text, direction, production -
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PhotoCredit (c) Jenny Lachmann

Street theater spectacle June 2019, Neuruppin, produced by Fontane Festspiele.
- Concept, staging -
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Auf Abwegen 

PhotoCredit (c) Fabian Maar

Lecture performance on the topic of Heimat at Kunstraum Potsdam as part of Made in Potsdam, January 2019, produced by the theater collective FRITZAHOI!
- Concept, text, direction, production -
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Photocredit (c) Madlen Meyer

Live game about the design of Potsdam's urban development based on "Mensch ärgere Dich nicht", September 2018 at the Kunst- und Kreativhaus Rechenzentrum, produced by Uniater.
- Concept, direction -
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Luthers Frauen

PhotoCredit (c) Michael Lüder

Scenic walking concert, September to November 2017, Theaterkirche Kietz, Nagelkreuzkapelle and Kunst- und Kreativhaus Rechenzentrum, Dorfkirche Groß Lüben, produced by the baroque ensemble I Confidenti.
- Concept, text, direction, vocals -
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Don't Cry, Work

PhotoCredit (c) Markus Günther

Documentary music theater on the issue of labor at Spartacus Potsdam, Rechenzentrum Potsdam and Friedrich-Reinsch-Haus Potsdam September-October 2017, produced by the theater collective FRITZAHOI!
- Concept, text, direction, production, vocals/guitar -
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Men in Space - Ikarus

PhotoCredit (c) Matej Rízek

First part of the theater series based on the novel of the same name by Tom McCarthy, June 2017, Treffpunkt Freizeit Potsdam, produced by Uniater.
- Concept, dramaturgy, direction, vocals -
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Lauf, Ludwig, lauf

PhotoCredit (c) Hans Otto Theater

Scenic soundwalk with the Ohrphon audio guide, March 2017, cooperation of Hans Otto Theater Potsdam and Nikolaisaal Potsdam.
- Musical direction, dramaturgical collaboration, collaboration staging -
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PhotoCredit (c) Winnie Christiansen

Documentary music theater piece on the topic of bureaucracy, Kunst- und Kreativhaus Rechenzentrum and FU Berlin, September to December 2016, produced by the theater collective FRITZAHOI!
- Concept, text, direction, production, vocals/melodica -
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Men in Space 

Photocredit (c) Angélique Préau

Studio presentation of the theater series Men in Space based on the novel of the same name by Tom McCarthy, courtyard of the Kunst- und Kreativhaus Rechenzentrum, July 2016, produced by Uniater.
- Concept, dramaturgy, direction, production -
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PhotoCredit (c) Sophie Roeder

Documentary music theater on social media, June 2015 to April 2018, Zukunft am Ostkreuz Berlin, Spartacus Potsdam, State Youth Theatre Batumi, Georgia, international festival FITUT,
produced by Uniater.
- Concept, text, direction, light -
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PhotoCredit (c) Niklas Dünger

Documentary music theater on the topic of advertising and marketing on the net, June to September 2014, Casino of FH Potsdam and theaterforum kreuzberg, produced by Uniater.
- Concept, text, direction -
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Love Songs and Love Stories

PhotoCredit (c) Bernd Guggenberger

Scenic concert based on "Venus and Adonis" by William Shakespeare, September 2013, Café HausZWEI at freiLAND Potsdam and Lessing Hochschule zu Berlin, produced by I Confidenti.
- Dramaturgy, direction -
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PhotoCredit (c) Maria Schade

Theater installation based on Grimm's Fairy Tales, May to June 2013, Club Mitte and Atelier of freiLAND Potsdam, produced by Uniater.
- Dramaturgy, direction, production, light -
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Jauchzet, frohlocket

PhotoCredit (c) Christine Jaschinsky

Scenic concert at Plattenburg Castle with the Potsdam Chamber Choir and the Baroque Ensemble.
I Confidenti, December 2013.
- Musical direction, dramaturgy, staging -

Schubladen einer Seele - eine WG-Küche in Aufruhr

PhotoCredit (c) Sischmi

Youth club production of the Hans Otto Theater Potsdam, Reithalle, March 2012.
- Dramaturgy, direction -
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Camera Virtuale

PhotoCredit (c) Markus Günther

Immersive photo installation by Markus Günther and Sina Schmidt at Stadt für eine Nacht in the pavilion of FH Potsdam with a sound installation by Simon Vincent, September 2010.
- Concept -
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Sagen aus dem Zittauer Gebirge

PhotoCredit (c) LionBee

Audio book with legends from the region around Zittau, September 2010 to March 2011, produced by the audio book publisher Unterlauf & Zschiedrich Berlin
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